Citizen Focus


SmartAppCity is the first App that brings together all the city services, open data and informati

iAmbiente Cities: Open Knowledge Platform for Cities and Citizens

AMAEM is going to develop a new specialized section in the platform called “i-ambien

Qurami: unique platform of city venues, accessible to each citizen via smartphone

Qurami aims to create a unique platform of city venues, accessibile to each citizen

Mobility needs for impaired people

Identify mobility needs of impaired citizens in different city types in the use of

Sustainable Lifestyle Education initiative

The vision of the initiative is a high quality school where all students and their

Smart Retail City

Urban Infrastructure (data transport layer for city wifi, beacons, sensors, BYOD), an

Open Big Data Platform

Collect data on an open big data platform - based on the results of OpenIoT projec

Creation of a mesh Wi-Fi network to be used by multi stakeholders

Creation of a mesh Wi-Fi network to be used by multi stake holders.


Multicriterion framework for sustainability indicators

To develop a multicriterion framework for dealing with sustainability indicators for b