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Working Groups

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The Working and Coordination Groups are at the heart of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform.

The Platform has been set up on behalf of the European Commission (DG Energy) as part of the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative under the SET-Plan to "filter and make accessible information on potential technologies to enable cities and local governments to find and finance suitable technological solutions". The objective of the Working Groups is to develop formalized information of technology solutions, increasing visibility while linking the information to a searchable database. The Working Group will also discuss and evaluate at expert level barriers to technology development and deployment and possible solutions at EU level to address these.


There are three thematic expert (technical) Working Groups, each dedicated to one technology area, and three horizontal groups, for developing strategic visions for the future based on the work undertaken in the Platform.



They will identify promising new technologies and develop
  • Toolkits, or technical strategies, for taking smart city technologies from the R&D through to demonstration and, finally, the commercial stage;
  • Proposals to the European Commission on technologies needing specific EU grant support;
  • Rolling Ten-Year Visions (by Smart City Roadmap Group only).


Results will be visible for all stakeholders, who will also be able to submit information and technology solutions to the Platform as well as shaping its future work. The Platform is a key component of the European Commission’s strategy to support Smart Cities.

Any Member of this Platform - not just the Working Group members - can propose technologies for the Working Groups to consider.


Please note that the applications to join the four Working Groups have already been closed. 


How do Working Groups work?


Any Platform member was able to apply to join one of the Groups.  The Chairs have reviewed all the numerous applications and selected the Working Group Members carefully. Subsequently, the first Working Group meeting already took place in Brussels on the 5th of June and all the members have resumed their work swiftly.

More information on the Guidance of the Working Groups can be found here.