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Project: "smart city Wien"

The smart city Wien framework program devises input for the long-term strategies of the City of Vienna in the areas of energy- and climate friendliness. The City does this by connecting, analyzing, and ultimately enhancing existing capacities and programs.


The smart city Wien project is based on the core themes of the European SET Plan Initiative. Its target systems and tasks are the following:

  • Holistic view and management of urban energy systems
  • Highly efficient production and supply technologies
  • Intelligent networks and thermal energy supply
  • “Active” buildings with very low energy demands
  • Development of environmentally-friendly, highly energy-efficient and low CO2 mobility systems

Main Outputs are:

  • Overview on the current status and the potential impact of Smart City relevant implemented and available infrastructure
  • “Smart Energy Vision 2050” (long-term)
  • Strategic “Roadmap 2020 and beyond” (medium-term)
  • Action Plan for 2012-2015 (short-term)


Within the “smart city Wien” project, the city wants to take the opportunity to position itself as a leader in research and technology in Europe. Three forums will build the main framework within the stakeholder process, producing a “smart” development path towards energy efficiency and climate protection closely linked to the preparation of the Urban Development Plan. Further, the identification and supervision of demonstration projects to be submitted nationally and internationally are key goals of this project.


The “smart city Wien” project as described here is one part of a broader “smart city Wien” initiative. The project consortium under the lead of the City of Vienna enables the partners to share a joint “Big Project Picture”, fosters a good communication between the project partners as well as a common understanding of the links between activities, reporting and payment of funds. Communication plans on various levels are set up in order to facilitate harmonized communication towards the various types of target audience.


World Smart Cities Award Finalist

In December 2011, the "Smart City Vienna" project was honoured as a finalist at the first World Smart City Awards, which were presented in the course of the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. This award, which was presented for the first time, is to identify cities, projects and solutions which have made a significant contribution to the development of Smart City concepts. More than 100 proposals from 19 countries were submitted. The projects were evaluated by an international jury.

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