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The first commercial version of the 5G is supposed to come out only around 2020, however, there is a lot of research, developments and positioning being done by the sector’s major industrials. The intention is obvious, to not lose the train of this new generation of wireless broadband data...


The EU project UrbanData2Decide develops tools to support urban decision makers. UrbanData2Decide extracts and processes information from two rich sources, namely public social media and open data libraries, and creates impactful visualisations.


AFE-INNOVNET Thematic Network ( is helping local and regional authorities to respond to Europe’s demographic challenge by promoting WHO holistic approach to population ageing (the “Age-Friendly Environments” model), developing a EU-wide active network of interested...


Text and Interview by Laura Negro “Synergies” is a word often heard in the topics of entrepreneurism and “Smart Cities”, two of our work fields at Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo Económico de Valladolid. Being so regularly heard in a variety of contexts and paired to other “trendy” words, it...


Valladolid is one of my favourite cities. Perhaps because it is close by, perhaps because it is a young and dynamic city, perhaps because it's historic and ancient; or perhaps because of all this and more. I can't explain it but Valladolid has always appealed to me and I have been coming here to...


In this short video made by you can witness the kickoff of the STIR HUB innovation network.


The number of people in the EU aged 65 or over is set to nearly double, from 85 million in 2008 to 151 million in 2060. At the same time, 80% of older people in developed countries already live in urban areas. Both demographic shift and urbanisation are major changes our societies are facing. These...


More than 700 participants from 21 countries took part at the CPEXPO 2014 from the  9th to the 11th of December in Genoa (Italy) and at the Security Research Conference, an annual event organized by the European Commission and this year together with the Italian Presidency of the European Union. 


Today the European Commission has adopted new rules which will help provide road users across the EU with more accurate, accessible and up-to-date traffic information related to their journeys (Real-Time Traffic Information). This can include information about expected delays, estimated travel...


Members of the commitment 4038 invite you to participate in a survey which aims at estimating the requirements of the companies and stakeholders’ opinion on the uptake of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovations in transport and logistics. Issues of interest are in particular: