Integrated Infrastructures and Processes


Significant and as yet insufficiently tapped value is offered by integrating the various existing and new infrastructure networks within and across cities – be they energy, transport, communications or others – rather than duplicating these needlessly. This point applies, both, to active and passive infrastructure. Many such infrastructures are ageing; budgets to replace them are stretched; they are procured and managed ‘in silos’; yet the potential afforded to cities and their customers through new joined-up approaches, exploiting modern technologies is substantial. This is achievable; however it will take sustained commitment from multiple parties to access value.

Integrated Infrastructure may address for example: 

  • Smart Lampposts
  • Urban Data Platforms 
  • Integrating urban energy and mobility systems
  • Smart Planning for shared infastructures
  • Urban Resilience 
  • Exploiting city-wide public assets 

Our ongoing initiatives 

Four initiatives are currently in progress

The Action Cluster is now shifting focus towards scale adoption of common solutions for two the mature initiatives, and aligning the significant SCC01 ‘Lighthouse’ Programme activities with the EIP. Clearly collaboration across the other action clusters is vital for sustained success.


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