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4038 - Cooperation network for smarter cities in islands

Main sector: 
Energy, Transport & Mobility, ICT, Other: Social innovation
Action clusters: 
Sustainable Urban Mobility, Business Models, Finance and Procurement
Priority area: 
Sustainable Urban Mobility
Basic description: 

To create a network of cooperation to help cities become smarter.


Focus area: 


Sustainable Urban Mobility



Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, Integrated Infrastructures and Processess across Energy, ICT, and Transport, Citizen Focus, Integrated Planning, Policy, Regulation and Management, Knowledge Sharing, Standards, Baselines and Performance Indicators and Metrics, Business Models, Procurement and Funding


Expected contribution: 

The idea of this proposed commitment is to involve and put in communication several actors from Canary Islands in order to create a network of cooperation that could help the cities of the islands to become smarter and to develop a model to be replicated in other insular and peripheral geographic contexts. Thanks to its multi-stakeholder character the consortium is able to work on the regulatory framework side, as well as in the deployment of research and innovation activities (pilot initiatives) while ensuring the citizens' involvement as transversal element to ensure the representatives of the final beneficiaries and getting feedback on the measures put in place.

Smart solutions triggered by the Partnership should contain elements of ICT, energy, and transport-mobility. The actions and the priorities of the involving partners will be mostly focus on two big priority area:
1) urban mobility
1) integrated Infrastructures and processess across Energy, ICT, and Transport.

All the partners of the consortium already have experiences in these thematic areas. In particular the consortium aims to foster the citizen, the enterprise and the government to change their behaviour, to rethink the existent infrastructure and mobility plan, to image a network of communication technology and open data system. The environmental problems that are affecting the cities (such as air pollution, energy supply, water management and so on) in a particular framework as that of an archipelago, highly dependent from transport, represent a challenge that could be considered as an opportunity to reconsider them in a new and more sustainable way. 

Contribution to the EIP: 


The involvement of the Canary Islands government and of La Laguna municipality will ensure the accessibility to some data in particular on energy and transport services production and consumption, as well as on citizens' behaviour, while the presence of the cluster for logistics and transport, among whose members are the archipelago port authorities and airline company will facilitate the intents to re-use existing transport infrastructure. The interoperability across systems is one of the goal of the regional government together with the one of many transport operators: in this field the consortium would need to receive mentoring from more advanced consortium or actors.

Inclusiveness and Partnership

The composition of the consortium covers ICT, energy and transport as thematic areas and includes regional and local authorities, research organizations and innovative companies. These partners already express their willingness to collaborate and cooperate at local and EU level. Other actors that could be involved are the two public universities, other research organizations and local authorities. Some of those expressed informally their interest but have not sufficient time to overcome the burocratic process needed to send a formal approval to take part into the commitment.

Is the commitment potentially open to additional partners and if so, in which priority area (please tick the relevant options)?

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Sustainable Districts and Built Environment
  • Integrated Infrastructures and Processes across Energy, ICT, and Transport
  • Citizen Focus
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Integrated Planning and Management
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Baselines, Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Open Data Governance
  • Standards
  • Business Models, Procurement and Funding



- Signature of a formal commitment of the partners 
- Development of joint research and innovation projects in the field of ICT, Transport and Energy
- Enlargement of the consortium, including a total of 10 municipalities and covering 500.000 inhabitants

Results expected in

  • 2014 Signature of a formal commitment, development of joint research and innovation projects
  • 2015 Development of joint research and innovation projects, including pilot actions in La Laguna
  • 2016 and beyond Pilot actions in other municipalities of the archipelago


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Members of the commitment

Claudia de Luca (clideluca) - Consulta Europa Projects and Innovation
Fernando Clavijo Battle (Fernando Clavijo Battle) - Ayuntamiento de la Laguna (Canary Islands)