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Title Short description Author Action clusters Cities Countries
148 SmartAppCity Daniel Menchaca Citizen Focus Logroño Spain
152 iAmbiente Cities: Open Knowledge Platform for Cities and Citizens ANTONIO SANCHEZ Citizen Focus Alicante, Nice, Paris, Valladolid, Venezia, Palencia Spain, France, Italy
189 Accelerating processes towards Smart Cities involving private companies at local and national leve Antonino Tropea Integrated Planning / Policy & Regulations Reggio Calabria Italy
217 La Spezia smart city vision Chiara Bianchi Integrated Planning / Policy & Regulations La Spezia Italy
524 Formalising an Open Framework for Optimisation to tackle all elements of a city district Lucia Gonzalez Sustainable Districts and Built Environment Barcelona Spain
528 Platform for the integration and strengthening of initiatives about electric mobility Lucia Gonzalez Sustainable Urban Mobility Barcelona Spain
571 Qurami: unique platform of city venues, accessible to each citizen via smartphone Laura Rocchini Citizen Focus Roma Italy
770 Clean power for transport: vehicles and infrastructure Vera Shiko Sustainable Urban Mobility Tirana Albania
974 Affordable, Multi-city, Open data digital platforms by Ethos Smart Adrian Ulisse Integrated Infrastructures & Processes (including Open Data) London United Kingdom
1332 Mobility needs for impaired people José Solaz Citizen Focus Valencia Spain