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Wednesday 5th June 2013

13.00 Registration
14.00 Welcome by Master of Ceremony
Jerome Simpson, The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
14.05 Introduction to the Platform and objective of the speed networking sessions
Gabriele Jauernig, Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform Project Coordinator
14.20 Parallel speed networking sessions
Presenters: promoters of each Key to Innovation
ICT stack for energy management, Nigel Goddard (University of Edinburgh)
Advanced materials for energy services, Rinske van Heiningen (AkzoNobel)
Enabling seamless multimodality for end users, Stefan Gara (ETA Environmental Consulting)
Smart organisation of traffic flows and logistics, Dominique Breuil (Ecole d'ingénieurs La Rochelle)
Heat pump and micro-CHP as complementary boiler alternatives, Angel Díez Domínguez
(Mondragon Corporation)

Towards smart thermal grids, Ralf-Roman Schmidt (Austrian Institute of Technology)
Zero-energy buildings with low-exergy storage, Renee Wansdronk (Wansdronk Architektuur)
Smart grid systems, Tommaso Roselli (Enel Distribuzione)
Virtual power plant, Olaf van Pruissen (TNO)
Integrated urban energy governance, Sergio Olivero (SiTI)
Cooperative intelligent transport systems and services, Sonja Eickmann
(ITS Niedersachsen - Car2Car Communication Consortium)

E-mobility and power matching, Don Guikink (TNO)
Smart reno-up: Smart renovation of utility patrimonium, Marc van Praet (Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen)
16.00 Coffee break and networking
16.30 Parallel speed networking sessions
18.00 Voting by cities on the KIs to be presented at next day’s plenary
18.00-20.00 Cocktail reception - 
Announcement of the three selected Keys to Innovation


Thursday 6th June 2013

08.00 Registration
09.00 Opening of the event
Zoltán Erdélyi, Deputy Executive Director,
The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)
09.05 Greeting message from Budapest
Gábor Bagdy, Deputy Mayor of Budapest

Keynote speeches

09.20 Keynote 1
Reinhard BrehmerManaging Director, Wien Energie Stromnetz GmBH
09.40 Keynote 2
Cécile TuilVice President Smart Cities, Schneider Electric
10.00 Key messages and findings from the Platform
Gabriele JauernigSmart Cities Stakeholder Platform Project Coordinator
10.15 Coffee break
10.45 Announcement of new Working Group on ICT
Merce Griera i Fisa, IST for Sustainable Growth, European Commission DG CONNECT

Session 1

Chair: Eppe Luken, ECN, Chair of Energy Efficiency & Buildings Working Group

11.00 Integration through Keys to Innovation
Presenters of three selected Integrated Solutions from day 1
Ina Homeier (Vienna)  
Kees van der Lugt (Waternet Amsterdam)
Alessandro Morelli (Trieste)
12.45 Lunch break (buffet lunch)

Session 2

Chair and moderator: Anya Margaret Ogorkiewicz, Managing Director, The Keryx Group

14.00 How to plan and finance smarter cities?
Panel discussions followed by taking questions from the audience
Jorge Núñez Ferrer, CEPS, on bringing innovations, planning and stakeholders together
Gordon Falconer, Director of Urban Innovation, Cisco Systems, on urban planning
Simona Costa, Head of Liguria Regional Office, on using EU Structural Funds
Rakesh Bhana, European Investment Bank, on innovative financial instruments
Sergio Olivero, Head of Energy and Security Research Area, SiTI, Higher Insitute on Territorial Systems for Innovation, on a new model of planning and finance
15.30 Coffee break

Session 3

Chair: Iván Tosics, Managing Director, Metropolitan Research Institute (Hungary)

16.00 Beyond today’s smart cities - the Platform’s Smart Cities 10 Year Rolling Agenda
Kia Andreasson, Deputy Mayor of Göteborg and Chair of the Göteborg Energy Board
Fred van Beuningen, Corporate Director of Innovation,
Akzonobel and European Round Table of Industrialists

Charlina Vitcheva, Director for Regional and Urban Policy,  European Commission, DG REGIO
Marie DonnellyDirector, European Commission, DG ENER
17.30 Ways to success
Marie DonnellyDirector, European Commission, DG ENER
17.45 Closing of Annual Conference 2013
Zoltán Erdélyi, Deputy Executive Director, REC


Side events - Wednesday 5th June


09.00-11.00 The Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Partnership


The event, organized by DG ENERDG MOVE and DG CONNECT, will have the aim to present the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC). Some Working Groups representatives of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform will take part in the Panel to discuss objectives and challenges of the EIP. In addition, the EU Session will also include an open discussion deploying around the role of the EIP and its relationship with stakeholders and EU citizens.

View the detailed programme of the EU Session

11.00-13.45 Learning from the EU CONCERTO initiative's 58 sustainable energy communities
- economic, technological and policy lessons

This event is organized by CONCERTO Premium

Improving energy-efficiency of buildings is key to achieving the EU's energy and climate objectives. This event will show how, since 2005, 58 cities and communities from all over Europe have worked together to demonstrate smart, district-level solutions, to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, and to supply renewable energy from on-site sources. This cooperation was financed under the CONCERTO project of the European research framework programmes. It forms the basis of the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative's energy dimension. An ambitious monitoring across all projects is assessing how the sites' individual technology mixes perform economically and technically.

The event will:

  • Showcase individual approaches and sustainable actions with high impact
  • Discuss policy recommendations and conclusions for further action
  • Present a financial and technical assessment of results and impact
  • Explain the set-up of the EU’s CONCERTO Initiative and projects (aim, approach, interdisciplinary consortia, target group)

View the detailed programme of  CONCERTO Premium event


Study visit - Friday 7th June

08.30 The Budapest Wastewater Treatment Plant

A visit to one of the largest and most modern wastewater treatment plants of Europe.

10.00 Budapest Metro 4

In the second part of the study tour we visit to the construction site of Budapest’s newest metro line.

The event will end at 12.00