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Annual Conference Outcomes

The first year of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform produced a lot of discussion around technological solutions and new approaches to smart cities.

The exchange of information and best practice promoted by the Platform across Europe, was the pillar and the starting point of all developments and debates in the Working Groups meetings.

The Annual Conference was the occasion for the Stakeholder Platform to show and discuss first outcomes of the Working Groups.

The three technical working groups (Energy Efficiency and Buildings, Energy Supply and Network and Mobility and Transport) presented their Keys to Innovation. Keys to Innovation are available for download in the publications page.

The Finance Group released a series of Guidance Documents that aim to give important information regarding financing and urban planning of smart cities projects. The four Guidance Documents are open for consultation until 15th September. The chair of the Finance Group Mr Nunez invites all stakeholders to read and comment the Guidance Documents here, using the dedicated comment box.

Finally, the Roadmap Group focused on the draft of the 10 Year Rolling Agenda.

All documents are available for download in the publications page.