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Handbook: Principles and Enablers for Citizen Engagement
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‘Citizen Focus’ is about industries, civil society, and different layers of government working together with citizens to realize public interests at the intersection of ICT, mobility and energy in an urban environment. Much has already been done to engage citizens for mobility, energy efficiency, sustainability and related topics – though individual entrepreneurs, rather than larger-scale industry and government are often the drivers. There are also many ICT platforms for crowd funding and collaboration. Likewise, citizens are already creating apps and services to help cities solve problems. 

However, these positive signs can be amplified and focused, thus providing an European way to build smart cities. The most relevant approaches on Citizen Focus are:

  • Projects that create an enabling environment for citizens to solve the problems they identify. Additionally, projects that help the most successful citizen-led projects scale – in a city or internationally.
  • Projects that facilitate a conversation between stakeholders, where citizens’ voices are not only heard, but instrumental in solution design, allowing for better results and creating faster and more targeted improvements.

Since 2014, this cluster has been involved in an intensive mapping, analytical mutual learning and networking efforts among its 61 Commitments and beyond. In 2015, the Action Cluster presented its first Toolkit on Principles and Enablers for Citizen Engagement, which was developed with the support of citizens.

Many of those principles have been integrated in the EIP-SCC Manifesto on Citizen Engagement, which was officially launched during the Conference Inclusive Smart Cities: A European Manifesto on Citizen Engagement, celebrated on 23rd November 2016 in Brussels (Belgium). The event gathered the main EU level networks of regional and local authorities, civil society organisations, knowledgeable scholars and practitioners as well as industry representatives to cooperate and commit to active involvement of citizens. 


Outcomes of the AC Meetings 2016

The Citizen Focus Action Cluster Meeting on 22nd November 2016 focused on the main outcome of the year: the Manifesto on Citizen Engagement, its promotion and its implementation. In addition, both Initiatives (Citizen City and Citizen-Centric Approach to Data) presented their results and suggestions on how to implement the Manifesto. In particular, the AC will address some calls that may support the implementation of the Manifesto's principles. 

Future activities that were envisaged for the group are: a) continuing to seek synergies with important supporter networks; b) to engage more cities and industries; c) to develop one or two points of the Manifesto and turn them into use cases. 

In conclusion, the Citizen Focus Action Cluster will focus more on the demand side and will ask for the commitment from cities and regions in order to make citizen engagement part of renewed city and municipal administration organisations. 

Find out here the presentations, the minutes and the videos of the Citizen Focus meeting.


Our ongoing initiatives


Citizen City

Citizen-Centric Approach to Data


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by Maria Sangiuliano (Maria_Sangiuliano)
at 15:46, 12 September 2014

The Commitment aims at promoting inclusive, citizens centred approaches to smart cities’ taking gender mainstreaming seriously into account, fostering a model of inclusive participation which, starting from gender, pays attention to multiple subjectivities and diversities. 


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by Ophelie Durand (OphelieDurand)
at 15:04, 12 September 2014

We aim to improve the quality of life of the increasing number of older urban dwellers and helping different actors, in particular local and regional authorities, research centres and businesses, to work together to develop and deploy ICT-based and innovative solutions to support participation of

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by Florencio Manteca (fmanteca)
at 14:41, 12 September 2014

The SCSP is both a web-based and physical open Platform.

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at 12:45, 12 September 2014

Already the municipality of Tripolis has started the process of planning for the next period 2014-2020 a plan of CLLD with the active participation of citizens in cooperation with the University of Peloponnese, in order to improve service planning, and engage communities in delivering intended ou

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by Milagros Rey Porto (mreyp)
at 12:34, 12 September 2014

Energy GOALS project has been conceived to help Europe to achieve the Union’s 20% headline target on energy efficiency and to pave the way for further energy efficiency improvements beyond that date.

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by Serguei Golovanov (golemit) at 22:05, 7 December 2016

Our team prepares the RDI proposal for H2020 calls related to smart sustainable governance.

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by Serguei Golovanov (golemit) at 11:03, 10 November 2016

Smart City Monitor team invites everyone who is interested in city cluster projects supported by structural funds, Horizon 2020 and other existing financial instruments at the national and international levels by learining novel approaches to SCC management and governance in pr

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by Serguei Golovanov (golemit) at 14:06, 20 June 2016

We invite forward looking innovative municipalities to join existing consortium of cities for H2020 CPS Labs call, the deadline is on 22.06.2016.

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by Ophelie Durand (OphelieDurand) at 18:24, 13 June 2016

The Mobile Age project

Launch of a three-year EU co-funded project to develop accessible and inclusive online public services for senior citizens

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Citizen Focus Webinar - Principles and Enablers for Citizen Engagement 06/10/2015

Interview - Citizen Focus Action Cluster Meeting 21st May 2015

Interview - Citizen Focus Action Cluster Meeting 13th February 2015

Interview - Citizen Focus Action Cluster

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