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Eligibility Criteria

Anybody registered on the Platform has been able to apply to join one of the Technical Working Groups or the Finance Group.  It fell to the Chairs of the WGs to review applications based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Sound technical expertise for the selected technology areas of at least three years;
  • Capacity to provide high standard Solution Proposals;
  • Recommended by key networks; and 
  • High level of representativeness of stakeholder groups or organisations.

The Chairs’ proposed selection has been discussed jointly by all WG Chairs and submitted to comment to the European Commission.

Over time, the physical meetings of the WGs are complemented by virtual meetings, thereby creating a virtual space where all stakeholders registered on the Platform can participate in the WG discussions.

Membership in the Roadmap Group was open to all Working Group members of the Platform, inclusive and based on self-nomination to capture the breadth and depth of the knowledge available in the Platform. Specialists identified from outside and members of the web-based Platform were invited to join. In addition to the self-nominations, WG Chairs, Topic Coordinators and those stakeholders that have drafted or reviewed outputs from the Platform were invited ex-officio.