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First ‘Addressing Privacy in Smart Cities’ webinar available on Vimeo

Privacy, types of privacy, data protection reform and general data protection regulation (GDPR) were some of the topics covered in the first ‘Addressing Privacy in Smart Cities’ webinar organised through the ‘Citizen-centric approach to data’ Initiative held on April 28th. If you have missed it, you have now the opportunity to watch it on the EIP-SCC Vimeo channel.


Antonio Kung, Chair of the ‘Citizen-centric approach to data’ initiative and CTO at Trialog for the past 30 years, Chris Cooper, co-Chair of the initiative and founding director of KnowNow Information Organization and Antonio Skarmeta, form the Municipality of Murcia, were the responsible to led this first webinar focused on the demand side viewpoint. A second webinar will take place on May 12th and it will cover the supply side viewpoint. You will find more information about the program and the registration process if you visit the event webpage.


Under the topic “privacy is not a recent concern” Antonio Kung underlined the different types of privacy that exist nowadays and invited the audience to think about fairness and transparency with these two questions: How do I collect data & How do I inform data subjects?


On the other hand, Antonio Skarmeta explained how SMARTIE EU FP7 project tackles security and privacy for Smart Cities and what is Murcia Municipality doing in order to develop a Smart City platform based on FIWARE components and integrating sensor and data for new service provision.


To conclude, Chris Cooper talked on open consent and general data protection regulation compliance and explained how KnowNow Information is implementing these topics.


If you want to know more about Privacy in Smart Cities and other issues related to Citizen’s engagement, you can join the Citizen Focus Breakout Session that will take place during the EIP-SCC General Assembly on May 23rd in Eindhoven (Netherlands).


For further information about the second webinar on May 12th and registrations, please visit the event webpage.



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