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Humble Lamppost

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Our ambition

Main Goal: 10 Million Smart Lampposts across EU Cities
Vision: ‘Bootstrap the Smart City’
An open affordable component-based city lighting solution that enables other smart city initiatives; delivered collaboratively between cities & Industry to speed integrated valuable delivery.
The ‘Humble Lamppost’ provides an ideal mean for cities to start their smart journey. Typically cities own and operate inefficient lighting systems, where the scope exists for very significant energy and operational savings, and GHG improvements. Yet too many cities deal with this individually, the objective is to aggregate demand and achieve a large scale EU smart lighting solutions deployment.

Our case

Benefits for the different Humble Lamppost actors:

For Cities:

  • Efficiencies
  • Speed to value
  • Image
  • Confidence

For Industry:

  • Reduced sales cost
  • New market
  • Revenue / Profit
  • Brand
  • Export potential

For Society:

  • Better experience
  • Safer society 
  • Pride in community
  • Lower taxes?

Our effort 

Key Partners:
  • ~10 City Clusters –seek 3+ to kick-start from SCO, EE, FI, Piedmont, NL
  • H2020/ SCC01 (engaged) & City Assctns to expand (national / E’cities – engaged)
  • Supply Ecosystems (DE & UK notably)
  • City Service Providers (f’work contracts for rapid uptake) 
  • Standardisation Organizations (BSI/DIN engaged)
  • Funders / Investors (EIB, EEEF, Banks engaged)
  • Press & Media

Our approach

  • Share the Problem / Solution mapping developed through the city discussions of GE
  • Engage with TALQ as regards alignment and support for aspects of CMS etc.
  • Share the SCC Decision Support Tool with Portugal and Italy as part of a managed process to evaluate and improve the tool & expedite usage in NL.
  • Support the A4i supply-side as a means to develop aligned Industry ecosystems / supply chains 
  • The limited involvement of cities in the EIP discussion is of concern. Two means to address this is:
  • To engage national city associations (or other city membership / influencing organisations) and seek their support to this smart city quick win 
  • To share HL presentations to help all EIP parties to communicate the message opportunistically through local conferences and the like 
  • Continue to address the gap in central EU-Hub capacity to help facilitate, improve, share, and accelerate activities across EU. 

Our action 

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Latest news

Humble Lamppost break-out session during the EIP-SCC 2016 General Assembly has focused on getting the 4 city-clusters (in Scotland, Germany, Italy, an H2020 Lighthouse programme) fully mobilised and supported with EIB ELENA technical assistance grant funding to produce common templates and demonstrate the power of demand aggregation.

Once that looks stable and some initial design work has been done, the intent is to bring those city-clusters together with Industry for a market testing process – the shape and nature of which still has to be finalised. Later 2 city-clusters would scale up the action.

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