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New Mobility Services

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Our ambition

ITS-based New Mobility Services help to better integrate and manage urban transport and contribute to the development of collective systems for seamless multi-modal mobility (door-to-door). Open platforms and open data allow public and private service providers to develop and test innovative schemes that answer to user needs with regards to information, ticketing and planning of trips.

The Initiative will look into two reinforcing strands of action in relation to New Mobility Services:

  • Replication and cooperation between regional innovation clusters, providing test beds for innovation and willing to share knowledge and to support replication.

  • Increase the uptake of specific technologies and services that currently prove their success in EU research (OPTICITIES and MYWAY), seek replication and cooperate for large-scale roll out (with an involvement of at least 10 cities).

The New Mobility Services initiative was officially launched on 28 January 2016, when representative cities signed a manifesto to action in the presence of Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for Transport.

In between the launch end of January and the EIP-SCC 2016 General Assembly that took place in May, we sought to establish targeted collaboration for replication. Should you be interested in joining the New Mobility Services initiative, please sign the manifesto of interest and send it to Ivo Cré: and Daniela Stoycheva

We are happy to announce that so far support has been expressed by Grand Lyon, the City of Birmingham, the Mobility Agency of the City of Rome (Roma Servizi per la Mobilità), University of Žilina (Slovakia), the Chief of EU Policy & Projects Alessandra Melchioni  and the companies Vedecom, Transdev Group, Softeco and Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo (CSI Piemonte).

Support will be sought in 2016 through various project proposals by partners.


Our case

The Initiative has defined 4 challenges it would like to address: 

  • Challenge 1: Technologies – the technology is available, but some obstacles exist for its wide deployment and choices have to be made where to focus public investment.
  • Challenge 2: Services – innovative mobility services exist, but they are fragmented and isolated and generate own sets of data. Main issues relate to the questions who is the target group and what business model to follow.
  • Challenge 3: Governance – there is insufficient communication among actors. Important is also how to reach a balance between private and public bodies and how to define the governance structure and decision-making process. Also this challenge is related to business models.
  • Challenge 4: Data – fragmented creation/distribution of data among actors, no data-sharing, which leads to a need for a common platform for data sharing. What types of data can be shared also needs to be defined. Further questions relate to: How to ensure quality of data? How to deal with standardisation / interoperability?

Our effort

The Initiative has access to those commitments that can provide methods and tools to overcome these challenges, and this on two levels:

1. The creation of test beds in the context of regional innovation clusters, providing local governance, data handling and business models. 

2. The promotion of near-to-standardised new mobility service models, data handling protocols and contractual models for data sharing as developed in the commitments OPTICITIES and
the EU research project MyWay. (Initiative Lead: OPTICITIES).

By clicking on the button, you can find out who are the current members of the OPTICITIES project:


Our approach

  • Creating political support for the initiative: High level politicians of cities linked to the initiative will sign a ‘declaration of commitment’ to new mobility service development on the 28 January 2016, at a European Commission’s Directorate-General for Transport (DG MOVE) hosted event.

  • Structured transfer: The initiative will support the replication and cooperation between regional innovation clusters, providing test beds for innovation (mainly by webinars, physical meetings tbc). The Initiative will also support OPTICITIES and MYWAY to access interested public and private parties that are planning to take-up the models and tools developed in both projects.

  • Creating a collaborative platform / workspace to share knowledge: This will include:

    • A testbed inventory to enhance collaboration.

    • Data handling - best practices – portal page: aiming to coordinate different projects on data handling standards with OPTICITIES as a key commitment. 

    • Local NMS/ITS local governance roadmap. 

  • Interaction with other initiatives: Close cooperation with the Business Models Action Cluster, Humble Lamppost and Urban Platform initiatives is foreseen. Also the Small Giants activities can be linked to this initiative.


Our action

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Latest news

EIP-SCC 2016 General Assembly break-out session on New Mobility Services took place in 2 different groups. The Initiative members have identified a number of events to meet at:

  • OPTICITIES deployment: 4 or 5 events to be organised by the Project till its end (October 2016) + other international conferences
  • Local service deployment: a Google spreadsheet has been created in order to have all the contacts and create a mailing list for the group to support meetings in events and share good practices. Several international conferences have already been identified by the members.

Other issues:

  • On August 25th 2016, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Custer organised a webinar to present upcoming events, activities and funding opportinities. The presentation and the video of the webinar are available online for all those who could not attend the session.
  • Luxembourg will most probably join the “EM Europe: Electric Mobility Europe” instrument that is supporting the Member States. It is a H2020 ERA-Net instrument.
  • Creating a Joint Venture of carbon neutral car-sharing companies, led by Lutz Heuser,  of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster.

In order to promote the New Mobility Services Initiative activities, this webpage and the list of the manifesto signatories will be regularly updated. 


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