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Requirements Specification For Urban Platforms Report (short version) is now available

Does your city want to use the full potential of ever-increasing data volumes? Does your city open up public data? Do you have an urban platform or are about to deploy one? Then the ‘Urban Platforms’ initiative is for you.

Within the EIP Smart Cities a group of 17 cities lead by London have looked more closely at those topics, and realized that urban platforms provide a vital foundation for smart city infrastructure and service improvements.

Together they have developed a common core set of city-needs-led requirements to support the acquisition of “Urban Platforms”, co-developed and validated by 17 EU cities, including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Syracuse, Berlin, Ghent, Valencia, Murcia, Derry, Copenhagen, Scottish cities, Porto and Riga.

You can see here what they have come up with.

Learn more about goal-oriented modelling for eliciting, elaborating, structuring, specifying, documenting, and modifying requirements. Go through the value proposition and intended solutions connects across the stack, how the urban platform meets city goals, why the system and its functionality are needed, and how the stakeholders’ interests may be addressed. The adoption of these requirements will support your city in reducing pre-procurement times, increasing confidence in platform designs and greater levels of collaboration (particularly amongst smaller cities) among others. This openly available made set of specifications will support an accelerated adoption of urban platforms by your city, so that services and outcomes for residents, business community and visitors are improved.

The formal release of this document as common statement of requirements will form the basis for commitment by EU cities to the initiative through a Letter of Intent (LoI).

If your city is interested in getting involved in this Initiative, or in asking for more information, you can contact

Download here the full document Requirements Specification For Urban Platforms.