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Sustainable Urban Mobility

There is a need for substantial changes in Europe's transport systems, as well as in the mobility behaviour of people and businesses in urban areas. Solutions concern the creation of an efficient and integrated mobility system that allows for organising and monitoring seamless transport across different modes; increasing the use of environmentally-friendly, alternative fuels; creating new opportunities for collective mobility. The proposed solutions lead to a decreased environmental impact.

Commitments in one of these or other relevant areas of innovative smart city action are welcome:

  1. Better integration and management of collective city transport for door-to-door seamless multi-modality
  2. Better electrification of collective city transport
  3. Improved urban freight logistics and distribution

A number of cross-cutting actions that are addressed in other Action Clusters also support the implementation of the actions.


Outcomes of the AC Meetings 2016


The Electromobility session on 22nd November 2016 started with a discussion on the construction of a market place for smart electro-mobility and roll-out actions. Following the initial discussion, participants were divided in three parallel table discussions focused on e-buses, e-freight and e-fleets, e-mobility planning & EV smart charging.

The E-freight table discussed the Declaration of Intent in order to tackle the current situation with a limited supply of e-freight vehicles on the market (and high prices). The E-buses table talked about a set of guidelines and procurement principles on clean electric buses in order to get cities and regions signing the declaration of intent. The E- fleets, e-mobility planning & EV smart charging group discussed the goals and aims of the group, and how to work together.

Download here the presentations and the minutes of the Electromobility meeting.


The purpose of the New Mobility Services meeting on 22nd November 2016 was to focus on building the market place for smart mobility services and roll-out actions. There was a general presentation to get to know new initiatives and Smart Mobility Services members (including smart mobility services initiatives in H2020: and the TRACEEMPOWER and OPTICITIES projects).

The event featured a mix of discussions with a specific emphasis on:

  • A citizen-centered approach to data
  • An in-depth discussion on the validation of tools        
  • The take-up and up-scaling of business models

Download here the presentations and the minutes of the New Mobility Services meeting.


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New Mobility Services


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Sustainable Urban Mobility

Meeting of the Action Cluster on Sustainable Urban Mobility (10/12/2014)