The First Co-Creation Use Case Analysed by the Citizen City Initiative is Now Available Online

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In order to create awareness of how co-creation and co-design can act as tools to better understand the role of citizens in building future smart cities, the EIP-SCC Initiative on Citizen City, part of the Citizen Focus Action Cluster, is preparing a series of use cases. The objective of this document is to explain the process of engaging citizens in the co-creation of city services and to identify funding opportunities.The first use case, based on the Transformcity© project, has already been published and is available for comments and consultations. This project, founded and directed by Saskia Beer, a leading urban transformation pioneer, is based on the premise that everywhere around the world people are moving to cities. This process makes cities grow fast and results in the creation of less healthy, prosperous and inclusive communities.
Taking this into account, the pilot project of Transformcity©, called Zo!City, was launched in 2010 in south east Amsterdam, Amstel3 (The Netherlands), to empower local communities to take ownership of the transformation of their own environment.
Transformcity© is an urban transformation community platform with a strong local identity. It is an interactive online dashboard based on the methodology of informing and listening to citizens´ needs and aims to create an implementable idea to improve the neighbourhood in fields such as energy, mobility green or built space.
For further information on this first use case and how the Transformcity© project engages citizens, click here.
To know more on citizen engagement processes, read the document Co-Creating Smart Cities.