Humble Lamppost Cities Survey

By Marketplace Editorial
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Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

as Management Team of the Action Cluster for Integrated Infrastructures, we are pleased to invite you in filling in the 5 minutes Survey of the "Humble Lamppost" Initiative (EIP-SCC).

The Initiative seeks to upgrade 10 million smart lampposts across European cities (that involves a network of lampposts in a city that provides LED light, and a collection of ‘smart services’ that exploit the lamppost). Doing so requires mobilising demand, as a stimulus for market action.

We need your opinion – as cities – to increase the pace and scale of adoption – and help us reach our 10 million target.

Please, therefore click the link below and complete this 5 minutes survey by 9th of June!

The survey results will feature at the 20th June 2017, EIP-SCC Action Cluster workshop in Brussels, where we seek to increase the dialogue amongst cities (including SCC01 ‘Lighthouse’ consortia), and with industry and investors (to register, please click here).

Should you have any question, please contact

Thank you for contributing!