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EU projects

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Title Main sector Cities Countries
beem-up - building energy efficiency for massive market uptake Energy, ICT Paris, Delft, Gothenburg France, Netherlands, Sweden
cityfied - replicable and innovative future efficient districts and cities Energy Valladolid, Lund, Málaga, Florence, Napoli, Udine, Ludwigshafen am Rhein Spain, Sweden, Italy, Germany
growsmarter Energy, Transport & Mobility, ICT Stockholm, Koeln, Barcelona Sweden, Germany, Spain
remourban - regeneration model for accelerating the smart urban transformation Energy, Transport & Mobility, ICT Valladolid, Nottingham, Eskişehir Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey
triangulum - the three point project / demonstrate. disseminate. replicate Energy, Transport & Mobility, ICT Eindhoven, Manchester, Stavanger, Prague, Leipzig, Sabadell Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain
sinfonia - smart initiative of cities fully committed to invest in advanced large-scaled energy solutions Energy Sevilla, La Rochelle, Rosenheim, Borås, Paphos, Bolzano, Innsbruck Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Italy, Austria
zenn - nearly zero energy neighborhoods Energy Malmö, San Sebastián - Donostia, Stockholm, Trondheim, Oslo Sweden, Spain, Norway
r2cities - regeneration model for accelerating the smart urban transformation Energy Valladolid, Genoa, Istanbul Spain, Italy, Turkey
celsius - combined efficient large scale integrated urban systems Energy Gothenburg, London, Rotterdam, Genoa, Koeln Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Germany
insmart - integrative smart city planning Energy, Transport & Mobility Trikala, Cesena, Évora, Nottingham, Lisbon, Pikermi Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom