Amsterdam Drone Week - The 1st UIC2 Forum: Urban Air Mobility Initiative

28 November 2018 09:00
28 November 2018 18:30





Amsterdam Drone Week

Amsterdam Drone Week is a co-created events festival, that unites the brightest and most creative minds of the UAS Industry, showcases the latest technology and helps unlock the potential of drones and discovery of new applications. For the duration of one week, this umbrella event connects the entire UAS value chain through a diversity of events around drone regulations, new technology and future solutions.

Why Amsterdam Drone Week?

“The EU needs to take a leading role worldwide in developing the right framework for this market to flourish, by unleashing the benefits for key economic sectors,” says Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport (source:

And that’s exactly what we’re doing here. The global market for drone-powered business solutions is currently worth 127.3 billion dollars and will grow immensely in the coming few years. One of the reasons being the European drone framework that is predicted to be in place by 2020. Due to this framework, endless of – at the moment – for future technologies and applications will suddenly be within reach. 

Who attends?

Amsterdam Drone Week is a b2b event created for anyone (from science and regulatory bodies to corporates and startups) operating in the UAS industry or employed in different industries but using - or interested in working with - drone technology.

  • Join an international community of innovators and like-minded professionals in the field of unmanned aircrafts

  • Explore new drone technologies and applications from a broad variety of industries

  • Gain perspective on opportunities and future technologies around Unmanned Aircrafts

  • Meet your next business partners, clients and competitors.

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The 1st UIC2 Forum: Urban Air Mobility Initiative European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC)



About UAM Initiative Cities Community (UIC2)

During the morning session (open to the public) of this 1st UIC2 Forum, the participating Cities and Regions of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative will present their UAM ambitions and projects to the public. A panel with distinguished speakers will follow on smart city perspectives for putting urban mobility into the 3rd dimension. The panel roundtable will deal with the development of city-centric, citizens-driven drone and U-space service solutions as part of smart mobility. Opportunities and challenges, to address unmet mobility user needs, for example in urban logistics and public, shared transport and in mobility-as-a-service, will be discussed in the panel consisting of smart city/mobility stakeholders (private/public organisations and policy makers).



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