STRIA Roadmap Smart Mobility Systems and Services - Priority Actions for Implementation Workshop

15 May 2019 09:30
15 May 2019 16:30



 This workshop will present the “STRIA Roadmap Smart Mobility Systems and Services  - Priority Actions for Implementation“. and will be held in Brussels, on 15 May 2019, from 9h30 to 16h30 (registration from 9h).
It is based on consultation with a wide range of European stakeholders and experts, including at the „Future Mobility for European Cities: Graz Forum for the EU’s Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda“ which took place 26-27 November 2018 in Graz, Austria. 

The STRIA Smart Mobility Systems and Services Roadmap - one of seven STRIA roadmaps included in the EC Staff Working Document „Transport Research and Innovation Contribution to the Mobility Package“ from May 2017 - which identifies and reviews options of smart mobility innovation for low-carbon transport and mobility in Europe.
The workshop will provide an opportunity to interact with smart mobility experts and R&I stakeholders. 

If you are interested in participating, please register here by 13/05/2019 at the latest!

The registration could be closed earlier in case of oversubscription.

Please note that the working language is English and that we will not be able to ensure interpretation services. 
Please note also that no travel expenses will be reimbursed for this workshop.  


Practical Details


Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi, 170, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium