A dialogue process for a French Smart City Strategy

Dialogue between stakeholders to define a french strategy. 
Integrated Planning, Policy, Regulation and Management
Knowledge Sharing, Business Models, Procurement and Funding


I intend to lead a french national mirror group on smart cities.This group will adress the issue of smart cities in a cross sectoral approach and will enable dialogue between stakeholders to define a french strategy which will be promoted at the european level. 
It will provide an input to the Operational implementation plan through examples of actions and identification of best practices. On the other hand, it will promote among french actors principles and criteria of the Operational implementation plan. 
The national mirror group will be the entry point in France for the EC and for other european countries seeking partners or looking for information on french experiences.


Convincing stakholders of the interest of integrated approach, help to identify partners are the first steps to start a smart city project. Dissemination of information (on standards, data collection..) , promotion of best practices, exchanges of experiences , networking will contribute to the implementation of projects responding to the goals and preconditions of the implementation operational plan.

The national mirror group includes all stakeholders involved in sustainable urban development: national and local governments, private companies (both large and SMEs),research organisations, public agencies, NGOs. It includes also representatives from the buiding sector, transport and energy sectors, information systems, as well as planners or financial specialists. It offers a unique opportunity for these people to meet and to make contacts. Because of the diversity of expertise and experiences of the participants, the issue of smart cities is always taken in a cross sectoral approach .

Is the commitment potentially open to additional partners and if so, in which priority area (please tick the relevant options)?

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Sustainable Districts and Built Environment
  • Integrated Infrastructures and Processes across Energy, ICT, and Transport
  • Citizen Focus
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Integrated Planning and Management
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Baselines, Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Open Data Governance
  • Standards
  • Business Models, Procurement and Funding