CarFeeders project - electric vehicles (bus and cars)


CarFeeders project - electric vehicles (bus and cars)

Sustainable Urban Mobility
Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, Integrated Infrastructures and Processess across Energy, ICT, and Transport, Citizen Focus




The Limassol city faces major problems with traffic congestion in the city center, and the resulting air pollution and GHG-emissions. Mobility in the city’s historic and commercial center is of critical value to residents, business and visitors, and the challenge is to consider an attractive and accessible alternative transport option, that will minimize existing problems and increase the attractiveness of city.

The project is about an innovative and attractive, easy to use, accessible city transport network, that provides an alternative transport option to private transport modes for individuals, attracts businesses and visitors to the city center, helps to avoid pollution, facilitates low-carbon transport, and shifts to integrated and cleaner technology in public transport for the Limassol city center. 

The CarFeeders project involves the use of a fleet of electric vehicles to move passengers from convenient locations located outside and peripherally to the city center, such as existing car parks, hotels, high streets etc, and transfer them to the hard of the city and select locations, shopping areas, the historic center, business areas, the Limassol port, the marina etc.

The CarFeeders fleet will consist of two types of electric car types. The small bus type with a driver that will travel in regular intervals and follow select routes to the city center, and the small two to four seated cars that will be hired from any location where an electronic hire pay machine is available. The car can be deposited to any other location in the city, again equipped with a hire pay machine. The self drive electric cars of the CarFeeders fleet will be an attractive alternative for business, citizens and visitors to move quicker within and around the city center, and with an attractive fee, a cost effective option compared to high costs in petrol and parking costs. 

The CarFeeders project will also provide a Smartphone and internet mapping application to provide information on nearby hire pay stations, where these are located, availability of cars in each location and other related and useful information. This facility will also provide information for the small bus fleet, such as routing and times. 

The goal is to improve transport and movement within the city center and provide an alternate form of transport by applying smart urban technologies and services to transform the traveller's experience.

Related potential actions of the Operational Implementation Plan of European Innovation Partnership: 

1.2.1 Potential Action 1: Better integration and management of collective city transport for seamless multi-modal mobility (door-to-door)
1.2.2 Potential Action 2: Electrification of public transport
1.2.3 Potential Action 3: Clean, efficient urban logistics and freight distribution

The project aligns with the European Innovation Partnership goals and particularly in improving citizens quality of life and contributing to sustainability and the EU's 20/20/20 energy and climate targets.

The project considers involvement of :
- energy, transport and ICT
- private agents, based on the philosophy of PPP's (Public Private Partnership) and foresees the creation of new jobs.

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  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Integrated Infrastructures and Processes across Energy, ICT, and Transport
  • Citizen Focus
  • Business Models, Procurement and Funding


The initial implementation of the project will cover the city center.

Results expected in

  • 2014 Business plan - Funding
  • 2015 Implementation - pilot phase
  • 2016 and beyond Full scale Implementation - Evaluation and impact