Applications to involve citizens in planning sustainable transport systems

Applications to involve citizens in planning sustainable transport systems.
Sustainable Urban Mobility
Integrated Infrastructures and Processess across Energy, ICT, and Transport, Citizen Focus, Knowledge Sharing


The proposed project would develop a set of generic Internet and mobile applications (interactive tools) designed for cities and agencies to improve public participation in the planning and operation of sustainable transport systems. These applications would help all stakeholders (from residents to city managers) learn about and exchange information on sustainable transportation systems that could be applied in their cities. The project would develop interactive tools (or identify existing tools) in areas including social media, games, peer-to-peer services, etc.

In addition to developing generic tools, the project would include developing recommendations describing how cities can use these tools to improve sustainable transport including best practice examples. The project would serve as a foundation of tools and information that cities could use to start public involvement programs (or improve existing programs) using new Internet and mobile applications.

The project would link to existing EC efforts including CIVITAS and ELTIS.


The project goal is to develop a set of generic applications specifically designed to help city residents become more active in planning and supporting sustainable transport systems. The project will need to involve several actors beyond to be successful and therefore we will welcome new partners; especially helpful will be cities willing to test the applications, research institutes willing to help develop and evaluate the applications, and NGOs willing to help develop information and provide feedback on the project. The project will unite actors in the process of developing the proposed applications, these can only be developed in a broad consortium.

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  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Integrated Infrastructures and Processes across Energy, ICT, and Transport
  • Citizen Focus
  • Open Data Governance