ICT platform for sanitary and technical assistants

"1. Design and Develop an ICT platform for entering and managing all requests
2. Form a team of sanitary and technical assistants,"
Integrated Planning, Policy, Regulation and Management
Citizen Focus



The design and development of an Integrated system for active environmental protection and management and for solving everyday problems of the city (garbage, recyclable materials, organic materials, bulky items, residents concerning nuisance, noise, pets, state of roads, pavement condition, trees and green areas maintenance and other issues). 

The project involves the following actions: 
1. Design and Develop an ICT platform for entering and managing information. All complaints, requests, suggestions and problems detected and reported by citizens, local councils, authorities and public services, will be entered electronically and municipality technical departments will be able to act and report on the problems and provide solutions.
2. Form a team of sanitary and technical assistants, who will be constantly on the move in all districts with small electric vehicles. The team will provide information and material to all citizens. 

- An improved city environment and better life for citizens with the engagement of the municipal services and the citizens.
- CO2 reduction.
- Recycling with separation and sorting at source.
- Utilization of recyclable resources to achieve sustainability.

Related potential actions of the Operational Implementation Plan of European Innovation Partnership: 

6 Priority Area 'Integrated Planning and Management'
The project involves Integrated planning and management actions related to policy areas and planning resources to achieve city Environmental Management.
6.2.4 City communication and engagement
The project relates to ICT enabling city government actions in communicating and engaging broad stakeholder groups and the citizens in city planning and management policies
regarding city development. 

1. The project aligns with the European Innovation Partnership goals and particularly in improving citizens quality of life and contributing to sustainability and the EU's 20/20/20 energy and climate targets.
2. The system will be developed using open standards and protocols and common data formats

The project is based on 
- investigation and data produced by Municipalities in Cyprus and best practices of metropolitan areas abroad.
- an innovative and integrated city wide metropolitan planning

The project considers involvement of private agents, based on the philosophy of PPP's (Public Private Partnership) and foresees the creation of new jobs.

Is the commitment potentially open to additional partners and if so, in which priority area (please tick the relevant options)?

  • Integrated Infrastructures and Processes across Energy, ICT, and Transport
  • Citizen Focus
  • Standards
  • Business Models, Procurement and Funding