Benchmarking on smart city governance: eight city cases in three continents


Benchmarking on smart city governance and public policies globally - eight city cases in three continents.

Integrated Planning, Policy, Regulation and Management
Sustainable Urban Mobility, Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, Integrated Infrastructures and Processess across Energy, ICT, and Transport, Citizen Focus, Knowledge Sharing, Business Models, Procurement and Funding

We are analyzing and comparing eight city cases in three continents to find out differences and commonalities in smart city governance and public policies globally: Shanghai (China), Japan, Iskandar (Malaysia), New York (United States), and Amsterdam, Málaga, Santander, Tarragona (Europe). The research shows different ways to address the definition of smart, followed by the particular implementation of the smart concept in particular settings. It shows models, projects and the policy innovations set in place today on smart grounds, as a baseline of opportunities for sustainable growth and to unlock the potential of European firms and Spanish and European talent worldwide. 

It contributes in the operational implementation plan under the following areas: 1) governance and public urban planning 2) management and organization 3) technology 4) policy context 5) people and communities 6) economy 7) built in infrastructure, 8) and natural environment.

smart, cities, governance, innovation, China, Shanghai, Malaysia, Iskandar, Japan, United States, New York, Europe, EU, #EU, Amsterdam, Málaga, Santander, Tarragona, Spain, infrastracture, Internet of Things, Internet with Things, smart grid, utilities, energy, infrastructure, #smartcities.

i. The consortium is already working together under two lines: Policy and regulation as well as citizen focus. Actors are reunited along their particular interest under the executive direction of Dr. Olga Gil. 
ii. Relevant partners along the innovation chain are involved along their particular interest, and we have two people both looking for possible partners based on the same interests and for private funding to proceed with further potentially applied research. 
iii. We are building upon specialist that are working in ground breaking fields in the last years, and approach partners such as big enterprises when we believe there are opportunities to rely upon common work in order to share relevant knowledge for practical purposes.

Is the commitment potentially open to additional partners and if so, in which priority area (please tick the relevant options)?

  • Citizen Focus
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Baselines, Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Open Data Governance
  • Business Models, Procurement and Funding