Smart cities framework for the Mediterranean area


 Application of the smart cities framework in select cities around the Mediterranean, “The Pilot Cities”. a digital platform will be developed.

Integrated Planning, Policy, Regulation and Management
Sustainable Urban Mobility, Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, Integrated Infrastructures and Processess across Energy, ICT, and Transport, Citizen Focus, Knowledge Sharing, Standards, Baselines and Performance Indicators and Metrics, Business Models, Procurement and Funding

Cities in the Mediterranean need to change and develop to overcome growing difficulties and adapt to the increasingly knowledge-intensive economies. Cities need to become ‘smart cities’.
The “Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster” is a Strategic Partnership developed as a "Smart Planning Forum" aiming to work for ‘smartering’ cities in the Mediterranean region, by sharing resources, knowhow and experience. 

The Partnership is formed by bringing together stakeholders on different aspects of smart cities (i.e. energy, ICT, transport) to help cities to evaluate their readiness for Smart City roll-out, identify potential need for change, generating new ideas, communicating, engaging broad stakeholders groups, develop projects and acquire funding. 

The Partnership is planned to offer initially the following services :
(1) Mapping of Smartness. (initial analysis and investigation exercise to map the current situation)
(2) Smart City Strategy Plan – The road to transformation into ‘smart city’.
(3) Projects and Funding Possibilities. (identify and propose projects and funding)
(4) Other products and services

European and Mediterranean cities, although different from each other, they have similar needs that can be tackled best through a common approach. The “Smart Cities in the Mediterranean” Partnership will focus on areas where ICTs, energy and mobility overlap and will provide solutions that can be transferable to other cities.

Emphasis will be placed on the application of the smart cities framework in select cities around the Mediterranean, “The Pilot Cities”. 

In these specific case studies, a digital platform will be developed, which, by integrating tools and enabling technologies as well as planning tools and approaches supporting participatory planning, will deal with the sustainable future development of the cities, in the light of the climate change impacts and the need for setting policy priorities serving mitigation and adaptation purposes. In this respect, participatory-oriented alternative ‘smart city futures’ (scenarios) will be structured and evaluated, and policies will be prioritized, coping with sustainable development aspects and climate change impacts in the specific city environment.

Potential actions from OIP:
6.2.1 Potential Action 1: Smart Planning Forum
4.2.3 Potential Action 3: Stakeholder Platform for innovation and societal progress
11.2.1 Potential Action 1: Integrated Business Models
11.2.2 Potential Action 2: Financing
11.2.3 Potential Action 3: Procurement
5.2.1 Potential Action 1: Developing a Smart City Strategy and Implementation plan
7.2.2 Potential Action 2: Technical support (in kind) for knowledge sharing/capacity building in city administrations and business

Demonstrate experiences and results of best practices in cities across Europe and the Meditrranean.

The objective is to help cities to achieve improved efficiency in developing and implementing smart city initiatives.

1. A platform for sharing knowhow, experience and expertise and support the implementation of data driven planning and management approaches in developing and implementing smart city projects
2. Toolkit and shared experience in developing and implementing Integrated Action Plans at city level, including quantifiable contribution to energy efficiency and climate goals with a sound business plan.
3. Demonstrated involvement of all stakeholders in Smart City-initiatives through communication and sharing of plans and results of projects.

The consortium includes partners from Research Organizations,Industry, Innovative SME's, Service Providers, Professionals & Experts, and other Stakeholders, with specialization and interest in Energy, Transport, ICT, Spatial Planning, Water, Environment, Buildings and other sectors.

The partnership will take the form of a formal structure :
a) Partnership management
b) Operations - Working groups (organizations and professionals)
c) Industry Organizations and Professionals offering products and services
d) Participating Cities

Is the commitment potentially open to additional partners and if so, in which priority area (please tick the relevant options)?

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Sustainable Districts and Built Environment
  • Integrated Infrastructures and Processes across Energy, ICT, and Transport
  • Citizen Focus
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Integrated Planning and Management
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Baselines, Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Open Data Governance
  • Standards
  • Business Models, Procurement and Funding


The focus is for cities and communities in the Mediterranean region. 
The partnership consists of 23 member organizations split in Management, Operations-working groups, industry offering products and services.
The Partnership will select a number of pilot cities or communities that will participate and contribute in demonstrating commercial-scale solutions.
The interest continues and there is currently more than 40 organizations that completed the registration form.

Monitoring: To monitor progress, attention can be paid to the following set of indicators:

- Number of organisations, public and private, participating
- Number of expert working groups available to undertake tasks
- Number of industry products and services available from partners 
- Number of smart-city-initiatives undertaken 
- Number of best practices identified

Results expected in

  • 2014 Finalize the consortium and form the working groups - Select the pilot cities and formalize agrements
  • 2015 Prepare an application for Horizon call for Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects - offer products and services to cities
  • 2016 and beyond Full scale Implementation of "Smart cities Mediterranean Cluster" - Evaluation and impact