Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress

20 February 2019 09:00
21 February 2019 18:00


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On the 20th and 21st of February, 2019, the Euskalduna Conference Centre will be holding the Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress - SUM Bilbao 19, the first edition of an international event, led by the City Council of Bilbao in collaboration with Petronor and with the support of UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments), which aims to provide a meeting space for public and private stakeholders to debate on the challenges and opportunities offered by sustainable urban mobility.
SUM Bilbao 19 will be structured into 13 sessions that will cover a wide range of subjects grouped into 3 main topics:
1.     Strategies and public policies for more sustainable mobility
2.     Technology and innovation as solution providers for more sustainable mobility
3.     Opportunities for socioeconomic development related to sustainable mobility

In addition, tools for conducting Networking will be provided during the event, including an exhibition space for innovative solutions. Finally, as part of the closing act, the Bilbao Declaration will be signed, a commitment document that aims to become an international reference to promote sustainable urban mobility in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 Agenda.
SUM Bilbao 19 will bring together leading global experts coming from different countries and sectors: local, regional and national governments, international organizations, companies in the value chain of the automotive and transport industry, technology companies, energy companies, mobility services companies, start-ups and knowledge centres.

Given the focus of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), we believe it would be a great opportunity for your organization to be part of this conversation on the future of mobility.  Therefore, we invite your team to be part of this event by attending the 13 plenary & thematic sessions and networking activities, as well as visiting the official website and following us on social media

We look forward to your participation!

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Euskalduna Conference Centre, Bilbao, Spain