An Initiative pools the work of the various partners around a particular objective, promoting learning beyond project and geographic borders, and opening the results to the world at large. Links with EU-funded projects allow results to be consumed by the thousands of people active on the Marketplace. Each Initiative is led by one of our six Action Clusters.

Business Models, Finance and Procurement

Business Models, Finance & Procurement

The action cluster Business Models, Finance & Procurement is working on only one initiative which goes by the same title.

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Citizen Focus

Innovate.City - European Network of City Policy Labs

Main Goal: create a European Network of Policy Labs to develop an urban structure for the participatory policymaking that will become the engine of the city's progress strategy.

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Main Goal: Develop Tools and Platforms to make citizens central in the delivery of smart projects 

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Citizen Centric Approach to Data

Main Goal: Disseminate data protection guidelines 

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Participatory Budgeting for Inclusive Smart Cities and Communities

Main goal: Fostering knowledge, sharing of good practices & supporting capacity building for the implementation of Participatory Budgeting in Smart Cities

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Integrated Infrastructures and Processes

Urban Data Platform

Main Goal: To speed the adoption, at scale, of common open urban data platforms, and ensure that 300 million European citizens are served by cities with competent urban data platfo

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Small Giants

Main Goal: identify and support 50 EU ‘Small Giant’ cities to deliver tangible smart city solutions tailored to their collective needs

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The Space4Cities Initiative lead by Eurisy and the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (E

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Humble Lamppost

Main Goal: 10 Million Smart Lampposts across EU Cities 

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