Humble Lamppost

Our Ambition

Main Goal: 10 Million Smart Lampposts across EU Cities 


The “Humble Lamppost” serves as an excellent quick win for any city to include in their plans, with a sound ROI.

There are 60-90 million lampposts across Europe; 75% of which are more than 25 years old. They consume between 20 and 50% of a city’s energy budget. A single digit percentage of them use high efficiently (LED) lamps. An upgrade to LED can save 50-70% of energy costs – that’s ~€2 billion at an EU-wide level; as well as 50% of the maintenance costs. 

A Dozen things to do with a Lamppost that has nothing to with light 

The target is a modest 10 million (~14% of the EU total). This will deliver energy and operational budget savings; more control over, and better, lighting – that means increased safety and less frustrated residents. In addition, the initiative will exploit this city-wide infrastructure to deliver new value-added services: i.e. multi-purpose the asset to increase savings; deliver better services; and offer additional revenue potential for cities. This provides a compelling financial case to act, and opens the opportunity to multi-purpose the lamppost to provide smart services.


Status and Forward Plans 

We are developing an open affordable component-based smart city solution that offers tangible value and enables other smart city initiatives; delivered collaboratively between cities, Industry Standards Bodies, and Investors in order to speed market adoption. 

Ideally advancement will be made in collaborative City-Clusters with sufficient scale locally, working together around common solutions on a pan-EU basis. And working with the SCC01s.

The latest practical roadmap - a 20 point plan as output from the June Action Cluster event - can be viewed below 


Humble Lamppost Document Library 

  1. Initiative Overview 
  2. Humble Lamppost 7-points Action Plan
  3. Humble Lamppost Leadership Guide 
  4. Humble Lamppost Management Framework
  5. Humble Lamppost Survey Insight Paper 

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