Deployment of Sustainable Urban Mobility solutions

Our Ambition

Main Goal: Speeding up the deployment of urban mobility solutions

To bridge the gap between supply and demand and speed up the deployment of market ready solutions, the JIIP-TEUC consortium runs a support office in the period June 2017-December 2018. The focus is on the deployment of new mobility services and electromobility. 

The support office will assess the business case and investment readiness of a project, identify investment opportunities and connect the project team with investors and other enablers. 
Hands-on support is provided in two ways:

  • Organisation of and participation in collective events focused on matchmaking and brokerage (access to market, technology and funding). 
  • Tailored support for up to 20 projects looking to deploy (or scale/replicate) urban mobility solutions. These can be companies who are looking to introduce their service in other sectors/countries or pubic authorities looking to implement a solution in their city/region. Condition for tailored support is the presence of a clear project plan.

Latest news

Over the summer period of 2017 activities were focused on awareness raising by organising and participating in events. Own events were the Clean Bus deployment webinar on 20 September and CapitalFest smart urban mobility break-out session on 27 September. The support office participated in the EIP SCC session at CIVITAS on 28 September, SUM AC meeting on 11 October and EIP-SCC General Assembly on 12 October 2017. Further events will be announced on the EIP SCC website.

Status and Forward Plans 

Action Headline Description Timeframe
First step: awareness and first events Communication activities to make the Smart Cities communities aware of the new support service. Jul-Aug 2017
Second step: planning of matchmaking and brokerager

Inventory of topics to match supply and demand. 

Inventory of projects/solutions interested in tailored support.

Sep-Nov 2017
Third step: implementation Schedule of matchmaking and brokerage events, in partnership with initiative leads, EIP SCC market place management, DG MOVE and other partners e.g. from Horizon 2020 Lighthouse projects Select and support up to 20 projects. Nov.2017-Jul.2018
Fourth step: consolidation Bring together all results and lessons learnt in case study descriptions as resource for the EIP SCC market place. Aug.-Dec. 2018

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