An Initiative pools the work of the various partners around a particular objective, promoting learning beyond project and geographic borders, and opening the results to the world at large. Links with EU-funded projects allow results to be consumed by the thousands of people active on the Marketplace. Each Initiative is led by one of our six Action Clusters.

Integrated Infrastructures and Processes

Urban Data Platform

Main Goal: To speed the adoption, at scale, of common open urban data platforms, and ensure that 300 million European citizens are served by cities with competent urban data platfo

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Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations

From Planning and Implementation to Scaling up of Smart Cities

We aim to:

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Tools for decision-making, management & benchmarking

Main Goal: Support the establishment of a measurement framework for policy-makers and city autho

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Regulatory Frameworks

To support the transition towards regulatory and legal frameworks that enable the societal planning, implementation and management of smart and climate-neutral districts and cities

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6-Nations Smart Cities Forum

Main Goal: Establishing a competitive national market context.

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Sustainable Districts and Built Environment

Positive Energy Blocks

Main Goal: To launch, by 2020, the deployment of 100 PEBs throughout EU and neighbouring countries, with at least 1 PEB per Member S

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Deep Retrofitting

Main Goal: To launch by 2020, 100 Deep Retrofitting Sites (DRS) throughout EU and neighbouring countries, with at least 1 site per EU Member State.

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Sustainable Urban Mobility

New Mobility Services (NMS)

Large-scale deployment of New Mobility Services enabled by Maas & CCAM in Smart city context with user-centric design concepts. 

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Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transition (IMET)

Today’s transport and energy challenges require a holistic approach. Growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) present opportunities and challenges for Europe’s electricity network.

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