10 Recommendations to Help Policymakers Implement Car Sharing in Europe

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Car Sharing in Europe: a Multidimensional Classification & Inventory

Based on the results of the STARS Deliverable 2.1, the following five types
of car sharing
have been identified in Europe:

  • Roundtrip station-based: bringing back a shared vehicle to the same parking location.

  • Roundtrip homezone-based: bringing back a shared vehicle to the same neighbourhood.

  • Free-floating with pool stations: a shared vehicle can be returned at different spots, but always in a dedicated car sharing hub/station.

  • Free-floating with an operational area: a shared vehicle can be left atany parking place in an operational area.

  • Peer-to-peer car sharing: shared vehicles among private drivers, either in (closed) community groups or peer-to-peer.