Call for ‘Smart City Insights’

By Smart Cities Editorial
EIP-SCC news

The EIP-SCC Marketplace is opening a call for ‘Smart City Insights’. The aim of the EIP-SCC Marketplace is to contribute to the ongoing discussion about smart cities and communities and foster the wider spread of sustainable solutions in urban areas. “With the planned merge of the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) and the EIP-SCC Marketplace we are combining forces and this way intend to offer a meaningful platform for discussion and a voice to be heard for Smart City stakeholders across Europe”, states Georg Houben, EIP-SCC Policy officer at the European Commission.

In our call for ‘Smart City Insights’ we would like to encourage personal contributions from a variety of sources, SCC01 Lighthouse projects, citizens, scientists, academia, investors and various other stakeholders. We would also like to encourage the EIP-SCC Action Clusters and Initiatives to take part in the call. The call will be ongoing.

Please note that a disclaimer sentence will be included in all posts and articles to clarify its source and to confirm that ‘Smart City Insights’ do not represent the view of the European Commission or the EIP-SCC.

Furthermore, we have established a catalogue of criteria for having the insights published on the EIP-SCC website. You can find more information here.