Citizen Focus: Ambassador Cities Survey

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Citizen Focus: Ambassador Cities Survey 


Following the EIP-SCC Manifesto on Citizen Engagement one-year Anniversary, the ‘Citizen Focus’ Action Cluster relaunched the ‘Inclusive Smart Cities Ambassadors’ initiative.

The initiative, part of a series of follow-up activities related to the Manifesto, highlighted commonalities and discrepancies in the implementation of citizen-centric measures throughout interviews conducted between May and June 2017. The Manifesto principles were divided into 6 domains and around 10 cities were interviewed in relation to the aforementioned.

As a result of the obtained scores, the cities of Utrecht, Leeds and Glasgow were appointed Ambassador Cities and, most recently, the city of Utrecht was approached for a follow-up interview to get insights on the city’s achievements and to gather civic engagement best practices to share and replicate across our network.

In line with the Action Cluster’s commitment to promote citizen engagement, empowerment and participation in order to ameliorate the urban environment, the initiative has been re-launched with the aim of selecting and nominating new Ambassador Cities, to a maximum extent of 10, while reconfirming previously appointed Ambassadors.

The new online survey aims at gathering relevant information on the Manifesto principles’ implementation and will remain open until early February.

We encourage you, as city representatives, to join our survey here and become the next Ambassador!

Additionally, and in case you have not done so yet, we would encourage you to endorse the EIP-SCC Manifesto on Citizen Engagement here to become a promoter of citizen engagement principles.