Open Integrated Governance – Survey by Smartcitipate Horizon 2020

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 Smarticipate Horizon 2020: Open Integrated Governance Survey 



Smarticipate Horizon 2020 has developed a survey on open integrated governance as a part of the e-government project. The aim of the survey is to provide input and support for DG Connect Open Governance Initiatives.

The two main issues addressed by the Smarticipate Horizon 2020 research and innovation project survey are:

1) How to create integrated, open and common urban governance solutions and systems?

2) How to define the most effective transition pathways to the realization of this vision?

Smarticipate invites you, as experts in urban development and urban governance, to engage in collaboration with your peers across Europe in the development of the new open integrated governance model. Share your knowledge and ideas with us and others in shaping Europe’s future urban governance.

Take part in the survey here!

Last day of participation is 31 July 2018.