PRESS RELEASE: The Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition

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Barcelona 14/06-2018

While urban mobility faces challenges such as the dependency on fossil fuels, a growing car park and unsustainable pollution and noise, the urban energy system needs to deal with a growing energy consumption and the difficulty of integrating renewable energy sources. Hopefully, there is a way to improve mobility while solving many of the problems of the energy system, by creating a mechanism for the development of sustainable energy models through e-mobility solutions as an innovative product for the development of smart cities.  The technology is ready but needs to be demonstrated in real environments.
The Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition (IMET) initiative is developing a series of collaborative pilots to integrate and test intelligent mobility solutions supporting the urban energy ecosystem, with the first pilot projects starting recently: 

  • e4future project, deployment of a 1000 vehicle to grid chargers network funded by the UK Government.
  • Grow Smarter, a lighthouse smart cities project funded by Horizon 2020 will include a new demonstrator integrating photovoltaic panels, xStorage, V2G chargers, combined with an e-carsharing service in Barcelona. 

“We need platforms such as the EIP-SCC. Technology is there, now we need to strengthen collaboration across Europe to make it a reality for as many people as possible. Through the IMET initiative, we want to create local ecosystems where different stakeholders collaborate to demonstrate the positive impacts of Intelligent Mobility. We are engaging local authorities because they have an important role to ensure solutions are adapted to the needs of their city. But it’s time for others to act as well. We need to continue pushing and fighting for a Zero Emission Future together. ” says Anna Abella Domenech, Section Manager for External Affairs at Nissan Europe, who is coordinating the initiative and its activities.

The intelligent Mobility vision is a framework to move towards a new e-mobility ecosystem: sustainable, environmentally friendly and concerned about citizen's health. 

In line with it, the initiative works holistically around three innovation areas:

  • Intelligent Power - spearheaded by electric vehicles; 
  • Intelligent Integration - towards integration of the vehicles in urban infrastructures such as the energy system;  
  • Intelligent Driving - spearheaded by autonomous drive technology.

The core team of the initiative consists of local authorities (cities and islands), large and small companies in the field of transport, energy and ICT as well as technological centers and universities. The partners are aiming to grow its membership and any interested party, whether you are an SME developing new, interesting solutions within the field of intelligent transport, or a city looking to find and trial new solutions, are more than welcome to contact us. 

Come join our quest for a smarter, safer and more sustainable transport system!

The Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition (IMET)
The Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition (IMET) is one of the 5 initiatives of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster that in turn forms an important part of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities. The initiative aims to use the combination of electrification of vehicles with increased automation and connectivity, to go beyond zero emissions and build a framework for a new e-mobility ecosystem that can help the urban energy infrastructure to become more resilient.