PRESS RELEASE: Smart Cities Guidance Package One Last Try…Then We’re Ready!

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Integrated Planning Policy and Regulation Action Cluster EIP SMART CITIES
By Simona Costa and Judith Borsboom- van Beurden

The last testbed of the Smart City Guidance Package has been successfully conducted in Parma. Light sensors, smart traffic lights, acoustic sensors for analyzing traffic flows are not tools coming from a science fiction movie, but concrete solutions that can be put in practice by the future Italian city of culture 2020: Parma. 

(Parma, Italy 08/02/19). ‘’The methodology tested today within the Smart cities Guidance Package seems an effective tool to innovate the city and get more in touch with stakeholders and citizens, we are happy to have received the feedback from the guidelines that the process launched through PARMA FUTURO SMART is on track and going in the right direction’’ claims the Deputy Mayor for sustainability policies Tiziana Benassi during  the follow-up debate at the end of the workshop.

Initiative leader Judith Borsboom-van Beurden (NTNU), responsible for the Smart Cities Guidance Package publication, and the Action Cluster leader Simona Costa (Tour4EU) in EIP Smart Cities have been warmly welcomed by the technical representatives from the city of Parma Marco Mordacci and Enzo Bertolotti during the  introduction of the workshop to the audience, and are satisfied with the day’s results.


As a fellow member of the H2020 Ruggedised project, the municipality of Parma was prepared to be the fifth city to do the test-bed of the Smart City Guidance Package. Ruggedised is a smart city lighthouse project aiming to create sustainable, connected and resilient cities. The cities of Rotterdam, Glasgow and Umeå are demonstrating innovative smart city solutions, and Parma, Brno and Gdansk are fellow cities planning to replicate them in future.

Thanks to this cooperation between the Action Cluster Integrated Planning and Parma’s stakeholders, this last testbed helped the city to brainstorm new ideas for increasing its sustainable innovation development by working on two prior actions identified within Parma-Futuro Smart plan by Parma stakeholders on the same time: the implementation of the lighthouse replication programs selected by the municipality and the solutions identified by the city innovation plan.

The methodology developed by the initiative leader Judith Borsboom-van Beurden, senior researcher at NTNU university, developed in the Smart City Guidance Package, seeks to provide a managing and planning tool to fellow cities, based on lessons learned from many lighthouse projects. During the workshop, participants were divided into groups and concretised different topics such as how to create mobility as a service platform and how to put in place smart solutions for a consistent reduction of the number of cars in the city centre. Furthermore, the partnership between industry, research and city of Parma was investigated in the second group, moderated by the energy manager Enzo Bertolotti. Around 20 participants took part in the workshop including representatives from the private sector, city administration, utilities and the regional government.


In earlier workshops within Parma municipality, the focus was mainly on the creation of a joint city vision for the Parma Futuro Smart and ensuring decision and commitment between the city and its key partners. During the Smart City Guidance Package testbed on 8  February, a preliminary plan for implementing the vision of the city was drafted, next to related actions to put it in practice (how to move from PLAN to DO phase).