Strengthening City Resilience – also for the little cities!

By Marketplace Editorial
EIP-SCC news

Delivering a resilient city is hard; a multi-facetted, and multi-functional need, with much uncertainty in justifying investment and the usual difficulties of managing investment in one place that delivers a different form of value in a different timeframe somewhere else.

That’s hard for big cities; and a real challenge for small.  With an increasing set of climate, security and other issues cities face, combined by stretched budgets, address city resilience all too often gets put too near the end of the priority list.

EU-funded projects like RESCCUE are focused on developing proven and trusted tools, methods and approaches that cities of any size can apply with confidence. An important step in resolving these market challenges.

And that is complemented by the realisation from the Standards bodies (typically a trusted source of knowledge). A good example of this is the recent work of BSI that engaged 50 cities across the UK to deeply understand their needs. This has informed the production of two documents – a guide for leaders, and a management framework and toolkit for those that run the city.

We must sing from the rooftops the merits of such initiatives, that help build capacity at the top, and ‘tool’ a (small) city for action.

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