Upcoming Smart Cities Marketplace Masterclass helps shape smart city projects

By Marketplace Editorial
EIP-SCC news

The Smart Cities Marketplace is a major market-changing undertaking supported by the European Commission bringing together cities, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers and other smart city actors. The Marketplace offers insight in European smart city good practice, allowing you to explore which approach might fit your smart city project. What is more, the Marketplace represents a community of experts that can help you in shaping your smart city project so that you get your plan and business case ready for financing and can present it to investors. The Marketplace has a growing investor network that is instrumental in attracting investment while the matchmaking team of the Marketplace can support you in sealing a deal!

As part of its project shaping activities, the Marketplace is now offering a two-day masterclass in developing a good smart city strategy which will sustain your work beyond the first experiments and pilots and form the resilient backbone of future projects. Special focus will be on integrated planning and implementation, the aspects of cross-domain collaboration with and buy in of a multitude of actors, the deployment of a long-term perspective on the built environment, and the early inclusion of financial aspects in your development of plans.

Who should attend

The masterclass will be upon invitation and targeted to representatives of city administrations and smart city project developers. It will be highly interactive and each participant’s smart city project (portfolio) will play a central role in group work. Participants will be requested to provide information on their project before the masterclass starts. This will ensure that participants can learn as much from each other as from the presenters.

The organisers of the masterclass will do an online intake interview of around 20 minutes with each participant prior to the masterclass to get a better understanding of their local situation, context of the plan and ambitions.

Delivery format 

The masterclass will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams platform and combines online presentations with virtual breakout groups to discuss subject matter in small groups and report back in plenary. Having a quiet room, a good internet connection, microphone, speakers/headset, webcam and second screen will greatly facilitate effective interaction during the masterclass.

The masterclass will be spread across two full days combined with a study/work period between the two dates. Before and between two course days, participants are requested to prepare and develop their plans as part of the course homework. To this end, each participant will receive preparatory information in advance of the masterclass so that you can get to know their fellow participants and familiarise themselves with the Smart City Guidance Package and other materials.

Presenters, discussion leaders and agenda

The presenters and discussion leaders are drawn from the Smart Cities Marketplace team members and the pool of leading thematic and city experts. Guest speakers will be invited the action clusters and initiatives.

Please note: The agenda may vary based on the availability of the speakers. The date and location of the masterclass will be announced on our website.