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On 18 June – 10 to 11:30 CEST, the webinar series of the EIP-SCC Marketplace team continued. The third online seminar covered the ‘Delivery models, funding & procurement for smart cities’ alongside four different case studies.

The premise for the webinar was the key role city governments have in planning, delivering, and ensuring the uptake of smart technologies. The key to success is to define this role adequately.

Georg Houben, EIP-SCC Policy officer at the European Commission opened the webinar alongside Philipp Tepper, Senior Coordinator at ICLEI Europe. They both highlighted the importance of fostering sustainable and resilient Smart Cities in the recovery from COVID-19.


Dr. Luise Noring of City Facilitators presented the first of the four complementary delivery methods, ‘cities as regulators’, sharing work done in Copenhagen to unlock public wealth by creating publicly owned and professionally managed corporations:

Cities as Regulators

Next up was Gonzalo Cabezas, Project Manager from the City of Barcelona sharing the City’s work to ‘facilitate the delivery’ of smart last-mile-delivery in a historic part of Barcelona. This was done as a part of the European Smart Cities project GrowSmarter:

Cities as Facilitators

Sharing innovative work done in the Fabulos project, in which six cities collectively procure R&D for the prototyping and testing of smart systems capable of operating a fleet of self-driving minibuses in urban environments on pre-procurement, was Project Coordinator Renske Martijnse-Hartikka:

Cities as Procurers

Finally, to share the innovate work done in Rotterdam to create a digital city, which has been bolstered by the European Smart Cities project RUGGEDISED, was Roland van der Heijdeen, Programme Manager for the City of Rotterdam:

Cities as partners

You can download all the slides here or those covering each delivery model below:

  1. Cities as regulators
    With cases from Copenhagen (DK) and Cincinnati (US) - delivering smart redevelopment through use of regulation - Dr. Luise Noring, City Facilitators
  2. Cities as facilitators
    With a case from Barcelona (ES) - delivering smart Last-mile-delivery through public facilitation - Gonzalo Cabezas, Barcelona CIty Council
  3. Cities as buyers
    With a case from Helsinki (FI) - Deivering autonomous vehicles through pre-commercial procurement - Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, Forum Virium Helsinki
  4. Cities as partners (public-private partnerships)
    With a case from Rotterdam (NL) - delivering the digital city with in partnership with stakeholders - Roland van der Heijden, The Municipality of Rotterdam

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Delivery models, funding & procurement for smart cities

18 Jun 10:00
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City governments have a key role in planning, delivering, and ensuring the uptake of smart technologies. The key to success is to define this role adequately.

If we as

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