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Integrated Planning / Policy & Regulations

'Policy and Regulation' focuses on Innovative forms of smart city policies and regulations that are needed to enable large scale implementation and roll-out of smart cities. Cities need an adequate set of framework conditions in the field of policy and regulations in order to be able to smarten up. New governance concepts are required to coordinate and integrate smart city stakeholders – cities, businesses, and research organisations – within the change process so to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Stakeholders need to jointly experience and learn with new forms of governance and policy concepts to further the process of becoming a sustainable, smart city.

This connects with the need of 'Integrated Planning and Management'. Integrated planning and management involves spatial, temporal and technical coordination of diverse policy areas and planning resources to achieve defined goals using specified (financial) instruments. Its success requires the comprehensive and early involvement of all governmental and non-governmental players, private sector, and citizens. It is particularly challenging as it involves managing long-term planning perspectives and short term actions, addressing domains as diverse as transport, energy, ICT and beyond – in both existing (retrofit) and new urban territory. Our current approaches are insufficiently agile to cope with a more entrepreneurial approach and to respond to the pace of change in demography, societal expectations, and technology. This requires technical planning capabilities, more inclusive participatory and consultation processes, and greater collaboration within and across traditional policy and administrative boundaries within and between cities and communities.


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Scaling up & Replication of Smart City Plans

From Planning to Implementation

Tools for Decision Making and Benchmarking

Cross-Nations Exchange

Governance for Cultural Heritage (page to be created)


Outcomes of the AC meetings 2016

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by Hannah Kyrke-Smith (Hannah Kyrke-Smith)
at 11:27, 18 December 2015

Enhanced SEAPs in four European cities that outline plans for improved energy efficiency, innovative projects that reduce GHG emissions and sustainable transport.

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by Bernard Gindroz (EEA European Energy Award)
at 14:59, 24 November 2015

The European Energy Award® - benchmarks to be established between municipalities at a European level. It can also be used as a tool for implementing the Covenant of Mayors.

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by José María Diez (José María Diez)
at 10:16, 28 January 2015

Asociación Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes (RECI), Spanish Smart Cities Association, is an Association created under the public law in Spain in June 2012, and officially approved by the Spanish Internal Affairs

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by Graham Colclough (graham_colclough)
at 17:19, 20 October 2014

Principal Depts within MS that have initiated this activity and seek to further establish it include:

FR: Office of the General Commissioner for Sustainable Development, leading smart sustainable urban development in France.

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by Chrysostomos Nicolaides (Chrysses Nicolaides)
at 10:42, 22 September 2014

 Application of the smart cities framework in select cities around the Mediterranean, “The Pilot Cities”. a digital platform will be developed.

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Interview - Integrated Planning Action Cluster Meeting 21st May 2015

Interview - Integrated Planning / Policy & Regulations Action Cluster Meeting 11th February 2015


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