The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) brings together cities, industry, SMEs, banks, research and other smart city actors.

What we do

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) is an initiative supported by the European Commission bringing together cities, industry, SMEs, banks, research and other smart city actors.

It intends to:

  • Improve citizens’ quality of life
  • Increase competitiveness of Europe’s industry and innovative SMEs
  • Make our cities more competitive and better places to live in
  • Share knowledge to prevent mistakes being repeated
  • Reach our energy and climate targets
  • Support you in fi nding the right partners and solutions It’s about achieving social, environmental and economic sustainability for our cities.
  • The EIP-SCC consists of the High Level Group (supported by its Sherpa Group) and the Market Place. The High Level group and its sherpas are responsible for the Strategic Implementation Plan.

The EIP-SCC Market Place has been designed for those who are active in the challenging area of Smart Cities and willing to know more about ongoing and foreseen activities throughout Europe.
together we:

  • develop and implement integrated smart city solutions
  • support networking and partnering accumulate knowledge and facilitate exchange of information
  • focus on the intersection of Energy, ICT and Transport

Join us and work with us to make our cities better places to live in!


Our Action Clusters

Commitments’ are our projects. We have 370 with 4000 partners from 31 countries! Commitments are measurable and concrete smart city engagements/ actions from public and private partners.

6 Action Clusters focus on specific issues related to smart cities. They all build on synergies to help efficient implementation and replication of commitments/ solutions. They explore new fields of activities and business models.

Our Action Clusters meet regularly. These meetings provide the opportunity to network and collaborate with leading smart city actors allowing for new perspectives and insights. 

It’s all about scale, acceleration, impact, common solutions, integrated approaches and collaboration.



Our website

As the EIP-SCC communication and information hub, it will help you to:


  • the latest news, events and documents related to innovation in Smart Cities. It is also the source of information on the activities of the Partnership and the developments within our dynamic Action Clusters.
  • partners. Get in touch with potential partners or peers who work on the same subject, have a specific expertise or experience. 
  • projects and commitments. Find interesting completed or ongoing smart cities projects and know more about their needs, the barriers they have overcome and their inspiring conclusions.
  • funding opportunities. Although the EIP is not a new funding instrument, we are working on a document to provide you with clear information on the many existing EU funding sources that could be relevant to innovation in smart cities. 



  • your projects. Many successful initiatives and projects are currently underway in Europe. This is the place to provide and promote information about your existing projects and share your successes.
  • your events or publications. Share information, documents and links to enhance the visibility of your events and disseminate your communication materials linked to innovation in smart cities.



  • debates or ask questions. Launch a debate on a specific issue, initiative or practice. Discuss the best way to overcome barriers and get results. The public and private forums allow you to interact, ask questions and get feedback from other members of the community across the EU.


The team:

  • Enrico Gaspari, AC Manager for Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Nicola Bacigalupi, AC Manager for Integrated Districts and Built Environment
  • Gemma Glorioso, AC Manager for Citizen Focus and Integrated Planning, Policy & Regulations
  • Valerio Gori, AC Manager for Business Models
  • Graham Colclough, AC Manager for Integrated Infrastructure
  • Paolo Gentili, Engagement Leader for the EIP SCC Market Place and Director at PwC Advisory Services, Energy & Utilities Division 
  • Derrick Pisani, Project Manager for the EIP SCC Marketplace 
  • Paulina Santiago, Marketing and Communications Manager

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