Our Roadmap

Supporting the Initiatives of our Action Clusters to deliver business cases and scale up projects.

The EIP-SCC Roadmap ]“Supporting Action Clusters' Initiatives to deliver business cases and scale them up" identifies the key targets for this year in terms of collaboration among cities, industries and financiers as well as other key stakeholders.

In addition, it details the roll-out actions to be undertaken to achieve its goals. The goal is to make the Marketplace a meeting platform between demand for innovative solutions by cities, supply from investors and technology providers and financiers.

EIP-SCC Market Place Strategic Framework

Amongst the priorities the Marketplace will be playing the role of a network of networks, will reinforce key stakeholders' engagement and will be the place where feasible business cases will be tested. Efforts will also go in the direction of knowledge sharing and replication of success stories.

EIP SCC Marketplace’s projects uptake in 2017-2019

The Roadmap includes key actions to assist the realisation of projects and help prove the investment model in 2018. We hope that the more successful ones will be replicating successful solutions by 2019. This is more likely to be happening in the vertical Action Clusters: Sustainable Urban MobilitySustainable Districts and Built Environment and Integrated Infrastructures and Processes.

It also takes into account the enabling roles of collaborative actions such as new business models, finance and procurement arrangements, new strategies and tools to increase smart citizen participation and engagement, new strategies and tools for integrated planning and policy and regulations.

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The Roadmap for the Market Place of the EIP-SCC

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Within the 2017-2019 term, the EIP SCC Market Place shall position itself as the place where either physically or virtually demand of innovative solutions from cities’ actors’ and supply from investors, technology providers and financiers meet each other. Success will be measured against two main KPIs4 :

  • €1b investment committed in innovative solutions for smart cities and communities
  • 300 cities engaged across the EU
  • Cluster: Integrated Infrastructures and Processes, Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations, Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Business Models, Finance and Procurement
  • page: Our Roadmap