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Take Action & Shape the Future of Urban Platforms for EU Cities

Many cities are grappling with the challenge of understanding how best to connect the rapidly growing volumes of data from their existing service operations, new sensors (IoT), social interactions and the like – in order to deliver better outcomes for their citizens and their local economy. 

The EIP has three interdependent initiatives in support of the development and spread of interoperable platforms:

  • Firstly, a demand-side (city) initiative that will develop  a city-needs-led set of common requirements; plus templates and tools to help cities engage fast and confidently.

  • Secondly, a Supply-Side initiative – the main subject of this post – to develop an open reference architecture.

  • Finally, a close cooperation with a standardisation initiative (in response to call SCC03) that will start in early 2016, and will also capture the results of the above to help sustain momentum.

For a general introduction to these activities, please see this presentation.

A MoU was launched in May ’15 in Berlin under the presence of Commissioner Oettinger, and is now attracting further Industry executive signatories. To date nearly 30 organisations in support (see the MoU for details).  We are seeking to maximise Industry support, so if your organisation is interested, please contact

For more information on each initiative, please visit the specifc sites for:

Next events:

  • Brussels, 19th January