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Lutz Heuser
Chief Technology Officer
Lutz Heuser is Chief Technology Officer of the Urban Software Institute, a commercial innovation incubator for smart city solutions. The focus is to provide new smart solutions for energy management, mobility and other trustworthy business services using a sensor-based infrastructure. Heuser is Chairman of the German Innovation Roundtable (IRT), a think tank of the German research-intense industry. The IRT has worked with the Cabinet of EU Commissioner Oettinger on a stakeholder response to the “Smart Cities and Communities Initiative”. The IRT has created the "Smart City Forum" where some 15 European cities are coming together discussing needs and barriers with respect to joining the EIP on Smart Cities and Communities. Heuser is the Industry Chairman of the Feldafinger Circle, a joint German think tank of leading Internet researchers and selected industry research directors which develops recommendation for the Information Society. The Feldafinger Circle has influenced the High Tech strategy of the German Government with his recommendations and reports on “Internet challenges of the society”. The 2012 report is about “City Management” and has been delivered to the German Government.