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Serguei Golovanov (golemit)

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Serguei Golovanov
Chief architect of the advanced ICT platform Smart City Monitor for smart sustainable governance and management in metropolitan and urban areas. As CEO of the company GOLEM IMS GMBH ( I manage implementation of the novel concepts of digital transformation of multiple big data driven streams in urban areas into rich set of friendly mobile information services for urban communities and organizations enabling holistic vision of processes, command and control, management, monitoring, analytics, benchmarking, planning and simulation of change in real time ( The novel technology application areas include Smart & Future Cities, Urban services, Energy grids and Virtual Power Plants, Transportation, Assets, Water, Waste management, Buildings, Eco-Environmental and quality management fostering digital economy, enhancing life of citizens, tourists, development of new local businesses models and sustainability by city administration. Our company and its associated partners offer forward looking municipalities, businesses and public organizations cost effective and risk free prototyping new approaches to Smart Urban Future in pilot projects and step by step implementation. The advanced innovative solutions allow learning how to realize Smart City concepts in practice by implementing the projects supported by existing financial instruments such as structural funds, H2020 and other national and international funds. We are open to business partnerships and offer effective support to joint projects as well as technology licensing. LinkedIn:

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